Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Murugan's sigappu thundu

Murugan was dusting off the chair as fast as he could what with AD yelling and all that. Just then the director called for the shoot. In the whole hurrying up hungama, Murugan left the Red dusting towel on the chair. The shot went smoothly. The director did notice the Red towel during the editing session but he decided to retain since it had come out well.

Years later, Peter borings wrote a whole page about the significance of the red towel in the frame for the film, how it accentuates the fight that the couple were having about the missing bajji in the shot and ties the film up with hindu mythology, greek mythology.


  1. Sorry, last 2 lines puriyala.

  2. @praveen:

    I think Ms. Sachita is tired of hearing about blue men and Sri Ramchandraji!

  3. Adithya: 'Ms. Sachita' ? this isnt about avatar at all, i was just peeved how some people really try reading too much into movies when there is nothing much to read.

    Praveen: oops soryy:(, tried rewriting.