Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ada, namma...

So, did you know who was on the hoarding at the junction of santana row and valley fair? namma Ash i.e Aishwarya endorsing the longines watch. felt nice.

Today was some chef competition cum potluck at work. Tomorrow, there is a breakfast party and next week there is a lunch party. I guess one should be happy about Jesus's birth.

Tomorrow might also turn out to be blue man's day for me. not too excited about that.


  1. What is blue man's day?! And are you in Bldg 3x4?! Surprise surprise!

  2. Adithya: blue man refers to avatar!
    as you see i dont have much clue abt the movie.

    SK: for a moment, i cudnt get it. yes, thats hardly a surprise, is it?:)

  3. Praveen: Yes, on friday:)
    KaushiK: like-um ella, dont like-um ella.