Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aviyal stuff

From Byte world
The indie blogger award nominations are out and I find exactly two categories with blogs of interest but with quite a few choices to vote in. Who decided that we need to have a monogamous relationship with blogsites? Here I thought only three relationships in the world required monogamy. Also entertainment and humor are the only two categories that my fav. blogs come under. Unfair judgement on my choices me thinks:)

From Filmi World
P&P - the ladies from high heel confidential suspect Katrina Kaif was in "one of her ‘In Character’ appearances". tch.. tch.. such wild allegations, considering katrina is never 'In Character' in the movies what are the chances off the movies?

From Rahul Gandhi's world(umm.. that is a separate universe)
This blog will never run out of topic as long as Rahul Gandhi is in politics. There they go, the journalists asking out of syllabus questions again. Looks like neither of them are going to learn anything.


  1. Rahul Gandhi's world(umm.. that is a separate universe)


    Why dont you write a book: Questions you dont ask Rahul Gandhi if you are a journalist. Maybe you will get a cabinet minister post!

  2. What book? there would be just one sentence - youth congress!