Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I want million dollars

So, I will fast. Please to note, my religion is hinduism and fasting will be done accordingly( a full meal in the afternoon, fruits and a tiffin in night - what? yes, if that fasting is ok for God, it is ok for the "The pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum" i.e the politicians).

So, congress, with its usual backboneless atitude(how do they maintain it btw, i mean people change but these irresponsible decisions continue, some strong culture they have) has agreed to create a separate state called Telangana. Creating a separate state is not my problem. But the way it was decided is.

If it was done out of some sort of voting by the people on this regard then I would understand. I didnt know one could just fast. get admitted into the hospital with the best of the medical care, agree to the IV drips and then get a state for themselves. That is pure rowdyism.

Everyone of us should fast, I say. dont we all have demands?


  1. have never figured out this maami fast that includes tiffin, tiffin and more tiffin in the name of fasting.

  2. Hmm...I wouldn't blame Congress for this. Am sure, any other party would have bent over backwards after the Hunger strike.

    MKG has made it fashionable and legal in the country. Most seminal moments in our Freedom struggle have an hunger strike my MKG or some-other freedom fighter.

    And, as with many other things, the change of times, the power of democracy is forgotten. It was a brave thing to do then. It is blackmail, short-cut now.

    Try explaining that to the Telengana supporters. All the best :)

    Our politicians are a bunch of cowards. KCR may be portrayed as a brave man, but we should know better. A coward is going to be made a martyr now.

  3. The nervous system of AP, Hyderabad will go to Telangana and it will take ages to sort out this mess.

  4. maami: i am glad about it, you know no one is going to rush with iv drips if i fast, so this works...

    Kaushik: i think in a way sonia rushed this one thru coz even before they announced he said yes to iv drips, the guy wasnt going to die anyway.

    Praveen: and there is the whole irrigation problem between them, would be like karnataka - tn ten times!

  5. Apparently, Andhra has four regions, telanga, royalseema ..and some more... Wonder what the others are upto now..Must be scheming ...should probably try Maami's fast diet..Would make it less dramatic and far simpler..

  6. now the other two, rayalaseema & andhra are making trouble over the Hyderabad/.... they would jus bask in these troubled waters. i dont know why students are also involved in this

  7. Shoba: Maami's fast is no diet, if at all it comes close to feast:)

    Pappu: i think the telugu people are currently confused btw district and state lines!

  8. maybe a post with a point to note...but I found it really funny!!


    So, I will fast. Please to note, my religion is hinduism and fasting will be done accordingly( a full meal in the afternoon, fruits and a tiffin in night

  9. that was supposed to be funny, so thanx:)