Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another 'Selvaraghavan' film

One cant blame the guy that he doesnt warn you - he clearly shows what his movie is going to be about in  the trailer. Yet another loser/pyscho guy who desires a good looking girl who is confused about wanting him.

There might be just one arc for the girl that she will be interested in sex as any other human being. Beyond that single arc, as the 'disgusting'(can never drop the prefix) hero goes pining for the object girl he so desired the said girl has to stand like a jadam.

The trailer could have as well ended with "Selvaraghava Jagirithai!".

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Success doesnt make a Person Perfect

I just finished 7 chapters of Steve Job's biography which released this Monday ( Kindle is dangerous to the pockets, I tell you). Off the seven, one of them is about his family - Voyeurism/  human angle interest - name it what you want but I guess I skipped to the part of my foremost interest.

Unsurprisingly, it talks about how he continued the sometimes hot - sometimes cold tones even with his kids.

And then I thought about the eulogizing blog post one of his neighbour wrote about what a wonderful father he was. Literally this neighbor had bumped( saw him) into steve jobs 3/4 times in her life and she made a post of it which got forwarded by the twitter crowd. 

The funda is, Steve gave us MAC, IPOD, IPHONE and an IPAD - THAT PERSON based on these achievements alone is great enough to celebrate. 

But why do people feel the need to slather THAT PERSON with qualities he was not - friendly, good natured. 

This happens to all the celebrities - Rajnikanth could be a drinking womanizer( just a random might be situation), Shahrukh khan can be a crazy nut case but rarely would we be able to read about it.  We(people, media and even his colleagues) had turn Rajni into this simple living, spiritual person.

Why not just celebrate that person for what made them famous - what we liked them for. Regarding the rest, either you go high up in evolution scale to take the bad along with good or if you cant take grey just ignore those other details that anyway wouldnt matter to you?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Grand canyon in Madras

Marina Beach. Except where I expect sand in the faraway distance from my view, I see water. Water has moved on to beach road. Earth quake. And I see a canyon as grand as Grand Canyon, right next to the beach road.  As  people are floating and struggling with water, K - a college friend who lives in Singapore and  who I havent met after college and I are walking along.

I wonder what would we call it though - a canyon? Can we still call it a beach? Deep in the recess of the canyon I could still see Sea Water. But South India isnt suppose to get an earthquake - we are old plate, I wonder. Seismologist say we are all overreacting - south india wont face earthquakes - this is just one off case.

Some dream!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

That one line in that one beatle song

I can almost imagine a popular Indian blogger writing, "Do these guys know him? .Then why do they write as if they have known him personally. ..... ".  And so on. 

Facebook is on a RIP Steve jobs loop.
A friend  who was having a very very bad day, asked why steve jobs why not the said friend.

It isnt even surprise. We have read about persistent health issues starting way back in 2003 to liver transplant in 2009 and his stepping down a month and a half ago. 

Outpouring of grief from friends and family( mine - not his!) does seem strange, When I think about it logically.

My own emotions seems  ineffable. 

Steve jobs is that famous successful person who made me realize as much as I adored these successful people (exclusively the geeky ones), in real life they might be so hard to deal with. that they wouldnt even make it to the close circle of friends. Infact, that person who I found so annoying at work has the same fire these succesful people have.
I mean who fires some one in an elevator? What would be to work in a place like that? Did all the apple employees ensure through GPS tracking system that they never encountered him anywhere leave alone an elevator?

But this decade has been about IPOD, IPHONE, IPAD  - I am not happy about my IPAD, I am rooting for the kindle fire model. I wish IPOD was cloud based. So, yes I have few improvements I would like.

But then again, as Steve jobs spoke out once, apple didnt really do a market research to find out this is what customers want,.... So you can't go out and ask people, you know, what the next big [thing.] There's a great quote by Henry Ford, right? He said, 'If I'd have asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me "A faster horse." ' 

:) Didnt I just talk about how IPAD doesnt appeal to me because I am used to looking for faster processors? 

But this decade of 2010's isnt going to be the same.

That person with that sort of vision isnt born every decade. 

And no one literally no one can ever put that vision in an eye pleasing contoured aluminum shell  and sell it through an ad set to song by the French-Israeli indie folk singer. - that eclectic mix - That is all Steve Jobs. 

World will miss you.

PS: Ofcourse, there is a lesson. That you dont need to be the one with standard skillset of excellent engineering skills, rather best of the skill - any skill from calligraphy to musical taste to aesthetic sense to marketing ability - Your personality in whole as long as it is as good as Steve job's :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Iphone4s upsets friends

So, when Apple announced only Iphone4s rather didnt annouce Iphone5, loads of my friends were upset - not because they were looking forward to buy it but rather the impact on Apple stock which they all seem to own. - I am just amazed how many people I know own apple stock - is it like a passport these days?
Today, I shouldnt have to work. After all it is Saraswathi puja.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inevitable ending of any internet discussion by Indians

You can start with pink/white Idli/dosa discussion on safety pin but IEIDBI law states that any discussion by Indians anywhere on the internet from 9/11, angelina jolie, jackie chan, to the moon to water why, even abracabradra will end with "you darky south indian - you racist Naarth Indian - southindiansdontspeakhindieventhoughtheyknowhowtospeak - we want separate nation - who wants you anyway - guysweareallonecountrymycatisnorthindianbutmydogissouthindian..........................................................................".