Monday, October 10, 2011

Grand canyon in Madras

Marina Beach. Except where I expect sand in the faraway distance from my view, I see water. Water has moved on to beach road. Earth quake. And I see a canyon as grand as Grand Canyon, right next to the beach road.  As  people are floating and struggling with water, K - a college friend who lives in Singapore and  who I havent met after college and I are walking along.

I wonder what would we call it though - a canyon? Can we still call it a beach? Deep in the recess of the canyon I could still see Sea Water. But South India isnt suppose to get an earthquake - we are old plate, I wonder. Seismologist say we are all overreacting - south india wont face earthquakes - this is just one off case.

Some dream!


  1. what can i say dreams are wierd!

  2. May be someone planted this idea - inception style.

  3. right! i am not ready to take the credit away from the my sleep induced brain and give it to some random person:)

  4. And I thought I had weird dreams...

  5. Lakshmi:
    I remember reading about an earlier dream as well, so I guess you are an uncrowned expert on this:)