Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another 'Selvaraghavan' film

One cant blame the guy that he doesnt warn you - he clearly shows what his movie is going to be about in  the trailer. Yet another loser/pyscho guy who desires a good looking girl who is confused about wanting him.

There might be just one arc for the girl that she will be interested in sex as any other human being. Beyond that single arc, as the 'disgusting'(can never drop the prefix) hero goes pining for the object girl he so desired the said girl has to stand like a jadam.

The trailer could have as well ended with "Selvaraghava Jagirithai!".


  1. Groan! that trailer itself is is like scratching a black board...I shudder to imagine the movie.

  2. a couple of the songs are funny though...:P

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  4. LG: have you watched his earlier films?

    Viswajith: songs are usually decent in his movies.

  5. Aayirathil oruvan. Thought it was a decent attempt gone awry somewhere in the middle.