Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Success doesnt make a Person Perfect

I just finished 7 chapters of Steve Job's biography which released this Monday ( Kindle is dangerous to the pockets, I tell you). Off the seven, one of them is about his family - Voyeurism/  human angle interest - name it what you want but I guess I skipped to the part of my foremost interest.

Unsurprisingly, it talks about how he continued the sometimes hot - sometimes cold tones even with his kids.

And then I thought about the eulogizing blog post one of his neighbour wrote about what a wonderful father he was. Literally this neighbor had bumped( saw him) into steve jobs 3/4 times in her life and she made a post of it which got forwarded by the twitter crowd. 

The funda is, Steve gave us MAC, IPOD, IPHONE and an IPAD - THAT PERSON based on these achievements alone is great enough to celebrate. 

But why do people feel the need to slather THAT PERSON with qualities he was not - friendly, good natured. 

This happens to all the celebrities - Rajnikanth could be a drinking womanizer( just a random might be situation), Shahrukh khan can be a crazy nut case but rarely would we be able to read about it.  We(people, media and even his colleagues) had turn Rajni into this simple living, spiritual person.

Why not just celebrate that person for what made them famous - what we liked them for. Regarding the rest, either you go high up in evolution scale to take the bad along with good or if you cant take grey just ignore those other details that anyway wouldnt matter to you?


  1. an artist must be judged through his art alone solreenga! Hmmm.

  2. Some of them are real public personas who inspire ppl. In the process such sugar coating is bound to happen!

  3. Gw: ellenga, Judge the artist through the art and person through the personality, apdiengren. Why let go of an opportunity to judge ? :)

    Viswajith: Why sugar coat? what is horrible abt that public persona being a normal aduit otherwise that a bunch of adults cant handle?

  4. its not that the adults cant handle. Sometimes one is just not ready to accept that his icon/idol is fallible in some other aspect of life.