Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goals for november

This is an SK'ish post.  I have often seen her do it in her blog with considerable success but never took it up because of fear of Jinx. Also writing a task list doesnt work for me. Once I write down any task for some weird reason, my brain things it is done. I never have to do list(except at work). FACT. May be I should write WORLD PEACE and make my brain believe it is done :)

But... it isnt like I have achieved anything without these lists lists either. So as well make a list. Here it goes.

1. Home cooked meals for atleast 5 days  a week.
I did do this last december and it was great for my weight. I have always wanted to make it a habit.
2.  Excerise 
if not anything else atleast the most popular sport practised by Indians -'walk' .
Walk the 'walk'. I used to do it quite regularly and not sure when I stopped it. Then, there is yoga, kickboxing and my beloved elliptical.  Exercise  is suppose to be increase 'endowhatisit' - which is suppose to give you happiness. Pppls.. Happiness apparently is just  chemical substance. So here is to more of that. 

3, Books 
  Finish a book I am reading for career and 'Norwegian wood'

4. Shop 
I know! Shopping in their goals list. I will give you a half second to take your time and judge me.
But I have skipped it for past few months and now my wardrobe has nothing new. The dressing standard at my work place is relatively high for a place filled with Indians. On most days, I end up going to work as if I woke up from my sleep(let us not comment on how close to truth that is). I need all therapy I can get in my life right now so why leave out retail therapy.

Work is as usual well work. I dont  give a damn about it but we have a deadline end of this year so November is very much under the gun. And I have another thing undergoing related to career right now. 

So, it should be interesting check at the end of november :)


  1. Haha good luck!
    And let me know if you need company to go shopping ;--D

  2. Good luck.

    What better month to shop than in November....Retail therapy on Black Friday :)

  3. SK:
    The way I am sucking at shopping I might just have to outsource it - you can go shopping and I can baby sit BSK :)

    You know, I decided to do shopping before the december craze begins!

    Viswajith: :)

  4. Hey have you tried online shopping? Its a time saver! :--))
    And.. I will take a rain check on the offer :--D