Tuesday, November 29, 2011

About Facebook and Google again

I am not a 'software' Person so might not be the right person to evaluate these companies anyway. But I have had these opinions for sometime so jotting it down. 

Innovation leading to success doesn't invoke negative feelings, which is why Google and blogger's success feels great. While the former had significatnt engineering/technology innovation the latter's innovation was more in the social aspect. 

Facebook, on the other hand isnt  based on anything path breaking. There was already orkut and Myspace. (on top of it, the allegations of stolen idea - it is called adding insult to injury)

Now, I do like few things about face book  - more than 500 million accounts  isnt a joke - 500 million acccounts translates every one's thatha patti playing farmvile. It is nice to see my cousins and nephews feeling as much for the family as me.  Lookwise FB is zillion times better than orkut. 

To lead a company to grow in a stable manner for 6 years - Mark Zuckerberg definitely gets huge brownie points on that. 

There is yet another aspect and the most critical aspect where facebook is scoring big time. Google was/is able to make the money because someone stumbled on adsense. 'Adsense' made google. Twitter is still struggling to find the magic wand - even though on innovation scale it ranks up high for me

BILLION DOLLAR REVENUE. I have no clue where Facebook gets that from.  If they are selling private info like some people speculate - I cant see how me clicking 'like' for the nth time on some 'n' friend's baby's photo can be crucial to anyone's business  Nevertheless, billion dollar and more.


Now the following doesnt count towards anything, as my sample size is way too limited. But something I found interesting enouh.
Google has this whole checking your LKG.UKG GPA thing which doesnt make sense(and apparently before i moved here google also hired only if they have done their lkg and ukg in cal, berkeley or stanford or a harvard) But the people who I know who are employed there - from some Phd in neural imaging to successful start up owner whose product is currently in your router - in general pretty respectable crowd. (leave the ukg/lkg grade part).

Facebook crowd, except the guy who I met last week who had gone to a Top 10 college rarely generate a 'wow' factor.  Again, limited limited sample to count towards anyting.

Come april + 6months later when these people can sell their stocks - they would be millionaires and can retire - if i retire i most likely a pauper so i will shut up on this ).

What I am trying to say is - Facebook doesnt deserve its billions and I hope it dies.

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