Thursday, November 17, 2011

Comment space isnt what one looks forward to in the online world. Rediff's  comment space is abyss but most other sites are just a step above that and nothing more. The blogging world has exactly two kinds - one of the facebook vareity -awesomebeautifulprettynice - another of the troll - ustupidfoolidiot. 

Which is why baradwaj rangan's comment space somewhat surprises me. Often I skip his post and jump to the comment space, because let'ss face it - his real articles for paper  as much as they do make a delish read aren't really light. They need to be enjoyed at the privacy of one's home with nothing else to disturb us.

Links to nice articles, songs, some good discussions with some new perspectives - all this is randomly interpersed in the comment space. Ofcourse, there are trolls - but the regular trolls are just people's obsessed with a single topic and go on a literally thenji pona record mode. All this is only 70% of that comment space.

It is still a phenomena worth studying.


  1. I must say BR's comments space has deteriorated over the years. Terribly so.

  2. a thesis on the internet comment space huh

  3. Adi: compared to other comment spaces, it is still good. but yes it has deteriorated in the past year.

    Viswajith: The words I used make them sound so thesis like i suppose!