Monday, November 28, 2011

Sepiamutiny and TV sitcom

Have you noticed? 
TV sitcoms have become like Sepiamutiny's password -  a token brown on each one. Well, atleast the ones I watch or sort of watch.
Aziz Ansari      Parks and Recreation
And they dont mock his Indianness  heck they dont refer to it.

Mindy Kaling  Office 
She is no Tina fey but she is a writer cum actor  and she is also cute - So WIN

Kunal Nayar   - Big bang theory 
Yep, the ttereotypical geek but he is one of the four main characters so in your face whoever you are

whatchyacallhim in 3d rock 
he has been there for some time and he is Indian, so had to add him.

and now Kal Penn in How I met your mother.

I rest my case.

Also,  Note Two out of the five - Tamilians - I am local like that. 


  1. who is Tam here? Kunal not mallu ah?

  2. Tam - Aziz and Mindy!
    Kunal - I think is a punjabi - nayar!= nair

  3. btw ur gk is becoming quite poor!

  4. haha I don't watch Parks & Recreation or The Office. Got to know about Mindy only after I read her New Yorker article last month. And I observed she s been having a Fey like wave going on this year for her.

  5. But name vechu paatha, Ansari mattum Tamil nu solla mudiyuma ;)

  6. aiyoo, i had never thought of the tamilness of ansari till now and now every single time i am going to look at him, the local pronunciation of ansari is going to come up.

    Parks & recreation needs to be watched only if it is streamed free or almost free on to your TV.