Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And I watched Rockstar

For me, this was a real musical - a musical as it should be - not the western musical where characters suddenly start singing it does nothing to the movie's emotional arc, they might move the story forward but here in rockstar the songs helps you hit the right emotional notes. There is less dialogue and more songs and songs didnt replace the dialogues but they were a better way of communicating the emotion at play.  Music helps us reach emotions better whether be it be the realization of the higher force or the lilt of love much better than words do.

AR is good that is known - undisputed. if it isnt it should be. Imitaz's craftmanship is good too - every scene seemed orchestrated to the music that was being played. I loved that.

Ranbir knows to act - I have alway felt that - but then there is always a realization that he is acting as you watch him. In this movie, he did manage to get past that. I really hope he gets to work with Maniratnam. A good one from him

Nargis Fakhri - looks beautiful - there is the flawless skin - you could call it the fair skin obsession - but this sort of blemish free skin isnt present in any caucasian - it is a true middle eastern trait - It isnt entirely pale - a bit of pink hue. It looks nice. Her mouth is wierd - It is almost as if you want to stop calling her a beauty but then there is some thing else that comes along. 

Beauties are normally too conscicious to be good actors. Their each move is normally orchestrated lest the poise/grace be disturbed. Nargis isnt that - she can act. Unfortunately her non-Indian background makes her expressions a bit bizarre for the situation at hand. But considering this is bollywood whose top heroine is Katrina kapoor - let us give Nargis an oscar for best debut. 

What delights me is the smaller aspects - like when he is about to be thrown off from his house, Jordan says a couple of sentences about his Bhabi - that leads to his brother getting angry enough to throw him out  - without much emphasis on what is being spoken about - we all realize the gravity of the situation. 
Or the report girl's interaction with Ranbir.

Overall, I look for one word for any movie I watch - engaging. The spectrum of movie could be your vijay masala to one about WORLD peace( that really does define the other end of triviality, doesnt it?).  

This movie is - for the most part engaging. But

..  when a word like a bone marrow aplsy comes around - esp. with Indian movie history of  the many many movies that have used'dashy dashy dascoma'  - it does take you away. Especially when you know the director has defined tragedy as the element in the movie, it seems a bit forced. But not that the movie was a complete failure after that - there were still parts that i fell for.


I could almost visualize Imitaz Ali's sketch with my limited abilities - a rockstar - throwback to the 70's western pop musician - ofcourse a personal love story tragedy.Western 70's popstar bio in an Indian setting - seemed again a bit just a bit forced. I couldnt help but feel all this effort for this story.

Then again it is a weekday night and I caught it on big screen - there was effort from people on the screen and behind the screen in a way I liked. 

A happy enough night.


  1. three fourths of the movie was engaging enuf for me. felt as if the director did not know what to do with the movie or the storyline after that.

  2. So you say I should watch it when it comes to Netflix?
    You know I heard the songs first and was really doubtful whether I downloaded the right songs! Sounded like Lucky Ali's Sifar. I hated Mohit Chauhan's voice but tolerating it for ARRs music. Ya, I know ARR is from psbb. :--D

  3. Viswajith:
    He knew his story before hand very well - it just couldnt stretch beyond 2.5hrs.

    Watch it, SK. Dont blame me if you dont like it but its been 24 hrs and i want to watch it again:)