Sunday, November 27, 2011

One slap at a time

Update: A poll on the side - which politician would you like to slap?

Q:  How did the early 21st century citizens express their anger against their Politicians who seemed to know the magic of making money vanish from the country's coffers and end up with substantial bank balances?  

Two methods - fliippity flip and 'Slappity  slap'. 'Flippity flip involves throwing your shoes at the said Politican - a method pioneer  by Iraqi journalist George Bush. But this method has its costs. Below is the video of a man who wanted to save his shoes so employed slappity slap instead.

To those  condemning the slap - yes those other politicians and bollywood celebrities -one tight slap coming for you all.


  1. watch the video doing rounds on facebook and youtube with why this kolaveri playing in the background for this video

  2. can I have a choice all of the above?

  3. Viswajith: Did watch the video and weird tat both happened at the same time.

    And no, if one slaps a Politician,(.even the out of power ones.) they r def. going to land in jail in our country, they might notcatch the terrorists so..

  4. ha ha. If that were the case guess I would be a day late in Tihar. Else would have slapped the folks there. :P