Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Machines read your brain and American paranoia gets to Sachu Kichu

Apparently, Machines can read your brain. I read ust two lines from the article now. And all my brain can  think of is - oh my god - now another one of those facebook/google startup  is going to steal my thoughts(most of them, I will tell you straight away arent pleasant). 

One young and brilliant guy born to Jewish parents whose Jathagam has billions written on it is going to proclaim I want is an open world where every one shares every one's thoughts (so that I can make my billions - that part is ofcourse unsaid) is going to launch a start up where you and your high school class  mate who you have never spoken a word to can share your thoughts. Frankly, I dont know why you want to know my thoughts - sometimes I dont want to know my thoughts. 

Ofcourse, Macys wants to know. Macys, infact wants to stop my thoughts and show an ad right away about the upcoming 2day weekend sale from 8.00am to 1.00pm.  but unfortunately for both of us - Macys and me - the ads are going to show up in my head after I have already splurged all money on their online shop. Worse, Times of India wants to stop all my thoughts and show tons of irrelevant ads before my brain can access  two lines from their server and all my brain was trying to recall 'Love in the times of cholera' (what my brain is slow - it is just slow). 

My brain literally shuts down with deluge of ads, that is much more activity than my brain has handled from the time I was born. (TOI has infact always been against Brains in principle)

Good part is, before Times of India's news and before the clothes - I would have thought of food - cupcake heaven children, cupcake ad heaven. 


  1. I know that experiments are being done in Berkeley to decipher which actor / cinema a person thought about. That was done here a long time back. Google's adsense creates nonsense in my mailbox though.

  2. I hope we pass a law right away to say that these can only be used for medical aid and not for marketing tool. fat chance though.

  3. so, are you that sinner who is going to show ads in ppl's head - dont mess with ppl's head, it is quite messed as it is.