Friday, February 5, 2010

Aayrithil Oruvan

This is most I have liked a Selvaraghavan movie and I still hate Selvaraghavan. Hated Kadhal Kondein, 7G rainbow colony and didnt watch pudupetai in the first place . the crassness, he really needs to get his head checked or may be he is beyond that now. And it is also hard to believe this could have been sophistication level during 12 the century(got that time from KArthi's interview, not sure if that comes in movie).

I still dont get the viduthai puli reference or that it is far fetched. Considering the war ended much after the shooting had began. One must really be a tamil fanatic to think of the reference.

It was so hard so so hard not to read any of the posts/discussions on this. Finally got to watch it, it is out of bay area as of today between. And I am glad for the way I watched it without filling up the disgusted one's coffer.

Oh Amma and I both like Karthi just based on Payya trailer and his interviews and decided to dump Surya.

I have been going through all the reviews now that I have watched the movie. One of the major complaints seems to be logical loopholes. I never thought of any. For example, I liked the fact the the chola culture is frozen from 12th century. Branched off groups seems to preserve the tongue and to an extent culture lot more and esp. in a case like this with no outside contacts, it would have been preserved. But I know the story had royal line in the second half. So my curiosity was just how exactly he was going to bring in the ancient royal family. Instead of resorting to standard time travel/some such fleazy route, i found this one lot more acceptable. I could go ahead and give each argument a counter point with how exactly the movie worked for me but I am afraid that might end up sounding like one of those ridiculous Dasavatharam emails.

Graphics was bad. So bad that even future Amman movie makers wont go to the same Graphics company.

Selvaraghavan had stated in an interview, Reema had the most prominent role and she has. So, ideally when you walk you out of the movie, she should have been in your head. But Karthi and Parthiban are the ones who stay with you. It isnt even Reema sothapified, she just doesnt have Screen Presence to pull it off. A better actress would have made it the role of her career.

The other aspect was the portrayal of Chozha life. I found it ajarring while watching the movie considering my 'Cheyyul' lessons had stated something else. If I remember right there are decently documented poems about the way of life as well during these relatively latter times of tamilian history. But I thought Selva might have done his due research looks it was on the western movies(atleast thats what i gather from Shoba's review) rather than our own writings from the era.

And the last, I am not sure about this first half and second half liking business. I liked both. First half was a riot if you ignore the graphics part. Second half has more stuff packed in it.


  1. Wonderful. I hate selvaraghavan too and was warned by my friend to not watch this movie.

    Havent watched Karthi yet..

  2. puthupetai is mass.after ao puthupettai is second best.its cult movie among us.selvaraghavan is a good story writer.bad screenplay writer.not a bad director.if someone else write the screenplay his movies would be

  3. Check this out..

    My main grouse in the movie was the depiction of the Cholas.As you said, any connection between Srilankan Tamils and the Cholas portrayal is nonsense..didn't even occur to me.
    Sriya Sonna... Parthiban and Karthik are the only people who left an imprint. I loved Parthiban in certain scenes. He really made me feel his pain.

  4. Saya: There isnt anything in particular about Karthi might just be the freshness.

    Soin: not sure if it is bad screen play - that is just his style. But he is psycho when it comes to depicting woman which is why i will never watch pudhupettai.

    Shoba: it is extremely irritating that he didnt use all these material that is so easily available. he could have still had a good screen play even if he had portrayed the real chola culture. thanks for link. have been reading about tamil history in general for past few months as it is.

    And rgding Parthiban, looks age does a lot of good things to actors:)

  5. Karthi is cute :--) Some places I saw Surya in him.
    I so agree with the director being totally messed up in the head. Did you remove that part? Dont find it. Anyhoo.

    The best part of the movie was the crossing of the pudhai kuzhis.

    I guess we should appreciate him for trying togive us soemthing new, but all the crass dialogues/references he could have done away with.

  6. SK: "I guess we should appreciate him for trying togive us soemthing new" - its equally imp. to do it right as well. Orey movie padalam looks like.