Friday, January 29, 2010


Vairumuthu writes, " Vayitrukkum thondaikkum uruvamillaadhoru urundayum uruludhadi " - the lump that rolls between the stomach and throat, to describe love. That description seems appropriate to what I feel while writing. The lump is between the head and mouth. the written word always fails me.


  1. but fingers la feela yedhuku aanum? it is not the one thinking or feeling..maybe it only feels

  2. sk: i know it was padu kevalama written!

  3. I also like another line from Gemini ( corny i know.. but i strangely like all the songs in that movie)

    Ayayo ulaga urundai.. adivayitril suthuvadhenna
    achacho thondai varayil ekkama

    from the song 'Pennoruthi' (one of my most fav songs till date)

  4. Saya; havent heard that Gemini song. Have to say this line above from diamond pearl itself isnt that great. it is quite jarring compare to the rest of the soft tone of the song. on the other hand, which is why it transferred.