Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what i heard.

"So, S got married."

" Yeah, but... "

" but what?"

" elladi, they asked for Rs. 50,000 and 50 sovereigns. Who asks for that these days? but i guess it should ok, it is good atleast they are not being picky"

" oh, ok".

" Wait a minute, the guy lives here and asked 50,000Rs dowry? like 1000$?"

I recommend rejecting him on the basis of financial prudence before moral values come into the picture.

" coimbatore payyan. poium poium oru pakistani ponnu oda suthran"
" Drohi, desadrohi!"

" Entha website matum work panna matengathu, ennanu pakarela?"
" wire mathi try panlama?"


  1. haha i love these overheard jottings!

  2. ithu antha watercooler pakkathula arattaiya?

  3. Hahahaha.. I love the last one. Our previous generation are so so unsavvy with computers that is hilarious.:D

    and the dowry sounds dubious. 50000 rs india la kooda kekka maata.

  4. Madras has come to Cal, I suppose.. :-). Have fun.

  5. Gradwolf: it is the first time in this space though!

    Praveen: if the third conv happens near the watercooler then i am really working at a wrong place. so no, besides i have learnt tune out those conversations else they would really make a separate blog.

    Saya: you might be right about the dowry, the guy could have got five lakhs and these people might have reduced it!

    Shoba: except for the first one, this has nothing to do with the recent movement of madras to cal:)

  6. 50, 000 Rs? He should be turned down for being a cheapo more than anything else. What's he going to do with it? Buy Taco Bell gift cards for the members of his wedding party? Chee!

  7. well, the wedding would be in india, besides the guy's parents would be the one who would be getting dowry - if dowry is like buying the bridegroom - yes the guy is real cheap:)

  8. :--) your parents are entertaining! :--D last one is hilarious lol!

  9. SK: no, no my parents have nothing to do with last one or the second one either! - they were really over heard ones. first one yes, was a conversation i had with mom.