Sunday, March 14, 2010

About VTV

One of these days, may be just once, I will get to watch a movie without an iota of knowledge about what it deals with. I try to avoid reviews, skim through, them, skip any thing that remotely has spoiler, yet couple of sentences creep in. But there is also a slew of interviews and publicity stuff I so religiously catch up even for movies I dont plan to watch - somehow some preconceived notions creep in.

Yes, one of these days, I will just walk into the theater for a movie - it has to be from a favorite director, ofcourse but will watch the movie directly. Then there wont be what was that scene that i read in that discussion and all that, huh.

This love at first sight - I know billion people, billion different lives and so on. Yet this is something I can never wrap my head around. Gautham is especially known for this. Friends argue, Maniratnam does it too. I dont know because i never noticed while in Gautham's movie, I never seem to get past that. There is a siren screaming stalker stalker going in my head.

Spoilers ahead:)
Those were the feelings I had till interval. But the ten minutes after interval changes everything. When Jessie confesses her feelings for Karthik - that moment changed it. When she says how she thought he followed her because he had noticed her attraction to him which angered - it sort of justified why she accommodated him (as opposed to tamil cinema principle of heroine falling in love just because hero has - the hero would like her because she looks beautiful - god forbid, if heroine tends towards even a wee bit of shallowness - leave alone handsome looks - she cant even expect him to be as educated she is - you might say Gautham doesnt do that - but he needs to do little more to wash off the sin that was minnale) and more importantly I could identify with that.

The way Jessie sneaks into Karthik's room for a quick hug, Karthik's foot fetish, infact the whole portrayal of their physical relationship was pretty poetic. Though I thought about what Jessie did and the only conclusion I could come about was, Gautham never understood her or atleast portrayed enough to understand that particular scene - it was too sudden. It wasnt because it was an easier route -she was someone who stopped her wedding at the altar remember?

What exactly was going on Mannipaya and other songs? Gautham should just stop picturziing. Just let them play in the back ground or just release the songs and never show them in his movies. This half hearted sometimes lip-syncing sometimes montages deal is killing the song and the associated scenes. The Anbil Avan song was so well shot that it didnt matter to me what happened afterward. We all already had our fill what their life would have been.

Trisha and Simbu - liked what they did in the second half much better than the first half. There was a marked improvement. Trisha had some kind of bubblegum in her mouth look in the first. I couldnt stop laughing the first 15 minutes at Simbu - because his close ups reminded me so much of the thing that roams around in the forest - sorry but it did. Rest of the movie his presence was quite good and even felt an innocence about him. But mostly it had everything o do with Gautham's screenplay and direction and nothing to do with them really.


  1. I hated the movie.. but i love the way you ve written this.
    Yes.. simbs is the ch(i)mps.

  2. I thought it was a decent film, much better than the Telugu version.

    Their chemistry was good, compared to their previous film together isn't it?

    And for the first time I thought Simbhu didn't didnt look like a Chimp :), am sure he will get back there though.

  3. Hahah careful review without letting the readers know whether you liked the movie or not ;;--) You liked it didnt you?
    Somehow i couldnt stand the presence of Simbu. May be same movie with Surya I would have fallen flat

  4. First of all, the similarity between Simbu and Chimps - eerie right?

    Saya: Did read your thoughts on the movie:)

    Praveen: Is the telugu version that different - i thought only the climax is different- besides the telugu people are going gaga over it is what i hear. That link you have - God simbu should be arrested - dont know why someone wud tolerate him.

    SK: Careful ellum review ellum - just poured out whatever i felt about the movie. yes, it did work for me but not mega like.

    Surya - but he has done this only like a million times ella?:)