Tuesday, April 27, 2010

memories, memories of the bat, ball

memories  -late 90s -  Jadeja and Manoj Prabhakar batting in Srilanka at the 40/41st over - only 40 more runs to win with quite a few wickets in hand- expectations of an early wind up  - Jadeja and Prabhakar stay till the 50th over without adding on to the runs and we lose the match - How, how? - the disbelief.

Of surf excel ads - dive re baba dive - surf excel hai na
Of extra runs being scored of stumps so badly missed that the ball went longer distance due to misfielding than the bat

Cut to yesterday - Dhoni talks to Albie and Hayden - couple of balls later Hayden catches at mid-off  - pollard gone!
And a hop at the boundary line with the catch in the hand
We are all true believers these days.

PS: Nostalgia it is.


  1. jadeja-andha kalathu indian cricket has sappai.but a air of romanticism about it you know.these days we are expected to win. free

  2. Dude: Romanticism? the episode i described was seriously traumatic to me - must have mentioned it 100 times to ppl by now.

  3. no nejama.think how many times we actually won something.very little.yet so much hope.and when we won we celebrated like hell.romanticism as in underdogs,not that talented,god playing,still failing and still we loved them and watched every match.free

  4. Got to agree with Soin. Can't just forget the 90's Indian team. We lost much more than we won, and then each victory was so precious.

    10-12 years ago, three days before a WC, my nails would have disappeared . Now it is , ah! we may win it, but doesn't matter if we lose!

    There was an air of romanticism during those days.

    PS. I remember that game. I also remember a game in 1999 Australia tour in which Debashish Mohanty (think of it, he was our fast bowling hope in '99) threw a ball from thrid-man to square leg instead of the keeper. Or the Kumble 3 step dive procedure, the ball was always gone when he reached the ground. Or switching of TV and all hope when God got out.

  5. Both you guys, all i can say is kalikalam.
    Soin: "as in underdogs,not that talented" - I remember a bunch of talented ppl, yet losing out quite bit and the heart bun.
    Kaushik: i want and have always wanted to win every game:)