Sunday, April 18, 2010

Name - insert whatever sounds sensible

From Utopia, take a right turn, turn left after the 10th star, cross the non-existent galaxy and head south. Ignore the huge crowds of people you will encounter at half the 'whatever sounds sensible' light years. The crowds will be leaving each other notes on facebook like, " hey you look gorgeous goddess", "Thank you my angel". 

You will hit cynical world at  'whatever sounds sensible' light years. You might find people like chowky duc who says nobody should have children because the world is going to end. anyway For a moment, just for a moment, you will find some people let out a smile at this wisdom but that is just for a moment. Our faces and even hearts could be bitter but our feet firmly on the ground, unlike those Thrisangu people whose foot is hanging literally nowhere in the hope that they are heading to utopia.

Utopia is a deserted place, nobody can live there.


  1. woah wonder what brought this out!

  2. Did Facebook trigger this?

  3. Adithya:
    Firstly, thanks - coz i thot the only comment if at all was going to be," What is this?".
    Praveen: ella a walk triggered it.