Friday, April 23, 2010

News - What should one do with it?

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 I read a year or two ago that Lalit modi was somehow associated with Rajasthani royals. The only thought then was if thats why rajasthani royals were able to win the first game. And that was the only thought till last week.*

oh, when Arjun Rampal company was contracted for running after ipl match parties accompanied with fashion shows ofcourse I went wt...h on two counts - one Arjun rampal is close to srk who Modi was close with (portrayed)- and more importantly what exactly does a fashion show got to do with cricket? How exactly does it enhance the IPL in anyway? was it somehow going to bring back money to anyone apart from Arjun rampal.  So what was the point ? The h in wth-ness went two letters before in the alphabet series when I read that players were forced to attend these parties unofficially. It is tough to lead a life along with following ipl for the month for a normal viewer like me and you ask a player to attend parties on a regular basis?

That apart there wasnt any alarm bells. Contrary to the intention of what those government leaked information  that appears suddenly in all the news paper about how much lalit modi travelled in jets, I still dont see why I should be bothered about it. 

If Binaami/kickbacks was a problem, you know two decades ago, Rajiv Gandhi  - one of my favorite celebrities(he was one to me), his family and a particular Italian friend were involved in a bofors kickback scandal. Now, that is my business because my country's tax money was involved, the equipment was bought for my country's defence - any lowering of the quality could have drastic problems and Rajiv Gandhi was the prime Minister - answerable to us. Just to let you know, the case is still being efficiently handled by the CBI till date. very efficiently that they cant transmit a simple court order from here to Argentina - really as Goundamani would say technology has improved so much.

On the other hand, BCCI isnt using my tax money. It might be tax exempt but so are movies with tamil names and Big B's paa. I am not happy with any of the cases. Now, Lalit modi owning a part of Punjab XI and Rajasthani royals and also the chairman of IPL could be a problem if there was a indication that it could influence the outcome of matches - but the teams are run by India's richest bigshots and they havent complained. So as a viewer, if match fixing is going on - then it is a problem. Ofcourse, fixing the IPL team auction is wrong.  But then again, as a viewer .... The only entity that is affected by this is BCCI(and Indian cricket - but hey it is run by BCCI so its all used to it by now) and their committtee members are the ones who are doing it. So you see....

Dont get me wrong, I am not trying to justify anyone here - infact they are all "The pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum" - and a mighy ugly icky pus. That is from a moral and ethical viewpoint. And its a  mooooo point.

But seriously Lalit modi's air travel record is absolutely of no interest to me, really. and thanks for sparing me  the number of trips he had to make to the loo in the private jet and water usage. If at all, please let me if I will get to see good investigation of the bofors scandal.

Ps: Lalit modi - the scum is a very efficient administrator I will give him that - have always wondered how the IPL is run so efficiently. I mean it could be just choosing the right event management company but still how often does that happen in other BCCI related activities.

Ps1: the whole post is just pondering if there is any reason for me to get alarmed.

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