Monday, August 30, 2010

Some concentric circles in that maze called life

I would wait, not in dramatic tone, but just wait. Wait for the appearance of the handcrafted orange green plastic wire lunch bag. For that signaled  dad's return from office  and end of the my mom's tyranny session a.k.a home work session. Come to think of it, nobody in the household really cared for  this session. Dad's brothers wanted to know if Amma was coaching me for IAS. She ignored the jibes  and marched on in her quest to teach .... the spelling of woodcutter or at least p-i-n to the 4-5 year old me. 

Thatha's and Patti's dissent were also ignored but Dad she couldnt ignore. I would run off the moment I saw the bag. The bag is still in my memory when I cant recall Mom and Dad's face from then, that's how big a role the bag or the appearance of it played in my role.

Couple of years ago, the parents were visiting me for the first time. On a particular not so great day at home, I came back from office and opened the door. Dad was just walking around the home (10ft *10ft.. ofcourse)
heard the click, saw me and immediately his face lit up with a smile:)

We have come a circle, haven't we?

PS: On another note, it is horrible for parents visiting USA in particular bay area. If some one was visiting India, they can always catch an auto/ taxi/call taxi and not depend on anybody for local transport.  My dad doesn't drive, I don't want them to take the bus but even if that was the case the frequency is so low, the wait so long and routes not so well connected. Taxis are so expensive and not something you can catch on the road.You have to call half an hour atleast ahead with a minimum fare of 10$ to go to the next street.

So, Dad is pretty much stuck at home. Mom doesnt seem to care much - it is transfer from one kitchen to another.  Not that Dad is much of an outdoor person but just the freedom. He probably can go to the temple/ grocery store. He gets bored, he probably starts counting the number of days to go back to india the moment he boards the plane. 

This is common across the families which is why Desi parent's walk(my dad doesnt). They walk, walk as if they were doing it for marathon. Hopefully, some system will come with the number of desis in bay area.


  1. so are you introducing some vellai thol paiyan to the parents as ur boy? do it just for

  2. hi.. sorry gal.. its some what touching me.. feelings for the dad?
    ho my goodness.. how sweet..

  3. Soin: interesting to see mylapore mami legacy being carried on by 21 year olds even in 2010.
    Viswajith.k.n - same issue for you as well, I suppose.

  4. @Sachita: Atleast your parents come here...Mine are like "angae vandhum I will be just cooking, and sitting within four walls without knowing where to go whom to talk to and all...I prefer doing that here!"
    I don't even have a chance to argue...