Sunday, August 22, 2010

Peepli Live

All that laughter(non-stop) didn't leave me feeling much for the farmer for a good hour. But the ending was hard hitting enough. Even otherwise, the movie was very informative - We all know about corruption and inept governance but this movie throws a bit of how.

The media part of action isn't going to shock any one. Unless they have been living under the rock for decade and half if from India and a lot longer if they are in US, we all would know how stupid media is.

A really neat one. Has a complete artsy feel.


  1. Brilliant of course!
    I could identify so many people from my past work experiences at a news room.

  2. :)

    There was never any need to exaggerate when it came to the media, they just showed it as it and it was funny.

  3. Ok it was funny, but not so funny.
    I almost cried when Hoki (?), the guy digging earth, died.

  4. movie inum pakala... but nala ino soninga!

  5. SK:
    :) i figured when he was digging tat it was his grave, so..
    not sure what you mean.

  6. a really sweet hindi movie after a long time.