Monday, August 9, 2010

It makes some sense if I just didnt know parts of the answer and I sought help but this seemed a bit much to blankly xerox another person's paper. Besides, I had already found an error in the other person's paper, does anybody know the answer at all in this class?  I am bored.

Through the glass enclosure I could see Sl ( the one whose name begins with S and who sits left of me on the same bench, so the name) in deep conversation with Math lecturer, having already handed the paper. At least now I wont be the first to give the paper, so I opened the glass door. 

The model exams were being held in the circuits lab that semester. An even semester was already a short one and our re-exams from the last semester had shortened it even more, but all that didnt really matter. This was just before the study holidays and I hadnt even bought the syllabus book yet. I had allotted the first two days of study holidays just to match the notes that Sh had delivered(she ran some sort of business, collecting notes from the front benches, xeroxing it and delivering it to all of us) with the syllabus book.

But now it was all too early for us to know anything about anything subject related, actually any day before the exam day was a bit too early.

Back to the circuits lab,  Thadal.. an explosion of sorts was going on,  what seemed like a casual conversation behind the glass door was actually a latcharchana on Sl. Unaware of this, I smile and pass the paper. "Pass aiduvangla", she asks.
I nod, as if these things were in my hands. 

A moment later, SR walks in. And then she started. 

dont think I havent been watching you guys. Class la padam edutha gavanikirathula.... (you never listen in the class)

What? when did she notice us?, how come we didnt notice her?

Etho vilayadrathu?(playing all the time)

Did she see us playing hangman but that has a history i have played it with SR from 5th std. its a legacy thing

You would get good marks now but eventually there is someone up there watching, you will all graduate... and then?

huh, now I remember, I have seen her - she stands sometimes in the class and talks non-stop for 45minutes, she handles math? what was she talking non-stop. Now, this was a puzzle that took one more semester to solve,  apparently after finishing an unit and  she stood there revising verbally, verbally.. math!

Dont think it is just me, all the teachers are watching, you guys all get together @4.00 in front of canteen and make fun of lecturers..
 This was too much, to think 18 year old girls congregated to discuss anything apart from boys and anything related to studies. I blurted out, no ma'am, we dont.

May be not then.. but all the lecturers are upset with you girls.. just because you study well... what happened to respecting teachers.
I zoned out after that
I cant control my laughter.
Oh god, SR and SL are going to cry. Esp. SR.
Why are girls like these.
I cant control my laughter, think of bad things.. 
You can go now, but if you dont get more than 20(/100!!!! ), you have to bring in your parents.
need to maintain decorum, plus SR and SL are going to cry, oh so boring.

We walk out trying to maintain some sort of grim faces. Just as we enter the classroom, we all burst into laughter for a good 5 minutes.
SR asks, to the canteen then?
yep to the canteen, we have more than 2 hrs to kill anyway.
Would they have cutlets now?
I feel like fried rice.

Few months later,
Results are out, I see M and Applied Mech. lecturer walking. I tried to avoid eye contact. AM screams from the other side, you are first in class for AM, R*. I smile at her, thanking god for small mercies.M turns her face.

Couple of days later, M stops by our desk, she asks our marks, it is in 90s, 80s and late 70s. She smirks and moves on, never to return to our bench ever again.

*** No, I wasnt the topper or anything. But there was always one subject, er semester  I  scored extremely well and there was another where I scored bare in 50s/60s - none of it had anything to how I studied or what I wrote.


  1. You know what, your use of S, SR, SL etc made this post really cryptic. Let me try to get this straight:

    So, some teacher ranted to you, SR, and SL about the three of you not paying respect to teachers and the group of you going to canteen and making fun of them.

    But now, who is AM and R*. What did Sh have to do in the whole thing. I presume M is the teacher who gave the lecture to you girls.

    (and if you are R, then why did you have to call you R ,and not Sachita?)

    But I guess I got the global picture: You guys did not pay attention in class, fooled around all semester, photocopied notes from the first-bench extremely sincere student (in our department, we used to call the photocopied notes Bau-Vau publications, thanks to Bhavani and Vauhini, who took the pains of writing down everything that the teachers said in the class), did some last minute cramming from the notes and ended up scoring 80 or 90.


  2. SK: i read it as kadi.. for a moment:) not necc.. look at kaushik's comment below, it was the norm in colleges.
    Kaushik: apologies, wrote it sometime ago and found it today, thought as might click publish, but you summed up well.

  3. yet again nama katchi neenu.btw can i ask saya to stalk you? or she already does? free

  4. soin: by stalk if you mean read, yes, she does read the blog!!!

  5. LOL.. nalla mark vangara kootam aa nee?
    (*very quietly says* nanumthaan)

  6. @sachita.. stalk as in find your real name and add you on facebook. saya is very good at it. i thought i was the google kanadha thedalgal type anonymous. she still found me. and kabodhi.

    @saya.. nee idha pannuva saya.yenaku theriyum.oru morai morapa paaru.. sachita va google pannuva paaru..

  7. Saya: yes... nalla mark a, u mean backbencher yes.. romba nalla student:)
    Soin: if you follow blogs with your real name, how hard it is find you but I realized this only few days ago... cant blv it took me that long... but can we all just remain anonymous, it is more fun that way. Saya is difficult to trace.

  8. BE days were fun...:D enna oru O B.

  9. @ soin

    I found kabodhi coz he was ore the boasting about his anonymity status.
    you cant give me any stalker status for finding you. you blog under your real name. But yes, I am good at finding people. But i wont find sachi coz she wants to be anon.

    My name is Saya. So it is very easy to find me :P

  10. Saya: i am good at find people too... :) but thx for respecting the wish and all considering.. i do this sort of search myself:)