Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Give him atleast a Padma Bhushan

Most of you would have already seen this(from the same source too:)) but why hasnt this guy been awarded Padma Bhushan yet? Seriously, does he make you laugh any less than your favorite comedian, it  is unintentional but... - I had tears in my eyes:) 

Watch esp. from 4.52 - 6.15.

To understand his greatness further(in case you have missed this - if that is true seriously which world were you in?)

Give him the Bharat Ratna, I say.


  1. "Padma Bootham" - ok.. granted!

    ROFL - ok..
    but tear in eyes - too much!!

  2. he is my thalaivar. my inspiration. my philosopher. he is whom i want to be when i grow up.free

  3. Specimen he is :)

    Donno if you have seen this before or not!

  4. Arvind: "Padma Bootham" - thats apt.

    Soin: but ethu ellam thana varanume, you cant really learn. Also Gaptain called and expressed his dissappointed ovr not being your idea.

    Kaushik: The specimen regularly doles out interviews on his own expressing his 'Oscar' worthy comments from time to time, so there isnt any need for these websites:)

  5. cha...people do not recognize his infinite talents and instead laugh at him. When people like saif kareena get padma bhushan or vibhushan or whatever, this guy should too. Annaen...ennodiya vote ungalluku daan annae...