Sunday, October 17, 2010

The ads are coming

People move from Tivo, DVR to online to youtube  etc all in quest to beat the ad monstor.
Guess what?
 The Ads are on youtube too.
For a 2 min. video clip, I need to watch 30 seconds of ad. That seems worse than the ones on TV, 'the not so evil company'.
I protest by immediately closing the video or refreshing the page - that works, the ads seem to disappear. Ofcourse, no one apart from me is aware of the protest, least of all, the one company which does all evil with a motto of 'do no evil'.

Meanwhile, here is yet another reminder why Tina Fey is the most awesomest* female on TV. Watchout the first 30 seconds.

Same video on youtube!

* that is a word, if not make it one.


  1. Find a youtube video for us poor people made to see "Video not available in your country" ?

  2. Aditya: who knew Hulu is racist? updated the post.

  3. Never follow 30 rock..but the ads on youtube are irritating..especially when I watch movies on them and these ads irritate the flow!

  4. seriously, ads on youtube is toomuch, before the ideo beginsand also at the bottom!

  5. Viswajith: See with a movie being couple of hours it might make sense for a 2 minute video asking me to sit through 20 second video is horrible.

    Ramblings only: i dont mind the bottom at all now. but the ads at the beginning is pure torture.