Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Book recommendation

Ok, I am looking for book recos again.  Tell me an awesome book you have read recently that can be read within 5-6 hours. Last time Saya and Soin recommended Kuzhali manickavel, whose book I havent read but her blog is awesome - thanks.


  1. sicilian. real time story and mass. and then painted veil.free

  2. Am not in to 5 6 hrs books but if you are in to a bit of patient reading try all the three books in THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO series. awesome they are!

  3. try reading 'Mister God This is Anna' by Fynn. Also short stories by Roahl Dahl. Even the long stories by him are nice. Especially the childrens stuff.

  4. Thank you, guys.
    Soin: Think I am past the mario puzo stage, though.

    Viswajith: nope, more than 5 to 6 isnt going to happen.

    Praveen: On waiting list for the book in the public library, hopefully it isnt one of those books that mock india.

    Saya: thanks, added.

  5. I have been reading all boring books.
    You can try Bill Bryson's books. Travel + humor, prefect combo.
    Why cant I comment Anon? :--(

  6. SK: fixed it.
    Sure, why read the boring books.

  7. animal farm - shd take u an hr maybe, and one of the best books i've read...


  8. L, Read animal farm long time ago:)
    Own 1984 as well but havent had a chance to read.