Monday, January 23, 2012

Sachu Kichu's share price law

Stock Prices will decrease as you dilly-dally your decision to sell or not to sell just so that you can repent that you didnt sell it at a sweet price.

Stock prices would also increase the moment you sell your stocks, again just so that you can repent.

Only life time goal of stock market is you can repent.

Ps: Warren Buffett is just a Mascot purely there to entice you to stock market.


  1. ouch. looks like someone bore the brunt of a dip in the share market.

  2. Hahhaha! I totally hear you!

  3. V.k.n: u r a total thupariym sambu!
    SK: :) except warren buffet every one agrees!

  4. yaam petra inbam ivayyagam perugha.

  5. i agree with this comment. everyone should buy when i sell and sell when i buy!

    - s.b.

  6. sb: just after terristurf resurfaces you are hear, no coincidence this one!

    Rgding your other comments,
    Stereotyping is what leads to racism, sexism etc.