Thursday, January 19, 2012

There must be a law in Indian constitution against the chapati eating idli craving non -south Indians (a.k.a people not belonging to the four states or the seven sister states)

1. from showing some random person addressing a random woman as  ' amma'  in that strangest accent which I have never heard except from  north indians trying to mimic south indian

(is that your accent - that too put on? not to judge people's accents but that is the one you try to show off?) 

2. from dropping idli and sambhar in each piece of conversation  while portraying south indians. 

no we dont say Idli sambhar i am going to the library, idli sambhar i am going to restroom idli sambhar i am crossing the road.

3. from mixing tamil and telugu as if it is one language - fine you might know the difference - but they are two different words  - how can you not see that?  How do you refer to tamil in first para and use telugu in reference to the same movie in para#2?

What I want to say to Naarth Indians -
 I shall curse that you get no idlis and no sambhars ( that you seem to drink by litres!) for rest of your life. 


  1. Why this hatred? Just laugh it off, don't take it personally.

  2. Best rofl part is all the four states put together and being termed as Madrasis.:P

  3. GW: watched dirrrty pichure
    SK: one reacts the way one reacts after watching something... ethuku ellam exp. ketta :)
    V.k.n: I take it as an opportunity to bore them with a lecture about how diff. 4 states - serves them right.