Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The time when Raffle gods threw a glance in my direction.

I won.  Brushing aside the fact that I won only 25$ restaurant gift card and agreed to take the boss and a colleague to the restaurant on the card. Obviously, the xbox, ipods, netbook and blahs went to people who normally win raffles.

But I won. 

Strange strange thing happened, I just clicked the next blog link. I have done it in past I think few times with sufficient interval - you know the record there - it always threw me Jesus praising mommy blogs. Nothing wrong with them except they arent my interest. Suddenly after my previous post - next blog reference brings up tamilian/Indian blogs.

I also tried hand at baseball - ran up to third base once and second base another time. Except both the times I ran with the bat and had to drop the bat mid-way!

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