Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goals update

Well, its mid-december and all. And a goals update is due. Even though progress isnt much.

1. Home cooked meals 
I did have home cooked meals for 10 days.Energy was amazing.  But with too many things happening in my life, right now -  this seems unrealistic, might have a newer alternative, let us see. 

2. Exercise
Ha.. that should say it all. The cold weather definitely makes the walk unappetizing. But I am going to keep trying.

3. Books
ok, didnt read either of the books I had planned to but did end up reading Steve job's biography and Tina Fey's Bossy pants. May be I should take a chill pill on these getting back to reading habit? May be it is just a part of growing up especially in  a world filled with wiki/twitter/google, -I will read when I find the urge to read. Kindle def. makes it easier.

4. Shopping 
It is good I had this in my list - I did shop but took up way too much of my time. But new clothes made going to work as something to look forward to. If not for the scary place malls become during this month, I might have continued the therapy this month as well.

One thing I do find problematic is I tend to focus on one thing way too much. If its food and exercise - it is just reading, thinking about food and exercise the whole day. If it is work - it is all work mode. In some ways it is good - it does help me  get work done fast, I do like my intensity and focus. But it also makes it  difficult to balance different things at the same time.
5. That is the new goal the next 30 days- to work on that. I have 3 things in my head and I want to make progress in all 3 of them.(not one of them is work - so all good ). Atleast try.

Surprisingly, frequency of blogging has gone up, though I think it was just me venting - read blabbering during the crazy period. Oh well, remember I am trying all sorts of therapies? blogging is one more, I suppose.

Work is going to continue to be bad and I will be working christmas week ( not sure how every year i land up in this situation!). I dont hate my work, but I just dont like the concept of working - if that make sense to you. Waiting for my pot of gold. And if I am alive next year this time, I will be on vacation the last week of December. Thats a promise. 

I have couple of friends who read this blog and it feels weird when I think they might read this post. It is good to write your blog without any audience in mind.


  1. Niiicee!
    Thinking about them is a start no matter what the progress is.. is my motto :--D

    Regarding focusing on one thing. I guess it comes to discipline, in doing things when its time to do it, give it your full best. Like 8 -5 at work focus fully. 7-8 when cooking - focus full on just that. and so on.
    Difficult to practice but key to getting things done.

    gee I have to get mine up too.

    Sorry you have to work over the holidays!! :--(

  2. I got inspired and made a post on this too :)

  3. SK: but i dont want to switch on and switch off like that - i have achieved at work - but i dont want clock work like action let us see how i have get there.

    This working during holiday is purely my mistake - i didnt apply for vacation early and rest of my family is in the same boat!

    Saya: you are on my reader:), SK here is the master of these list!