Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holy dog

You know how the 'Holy cow' is a mockery of how Indians consider cows sacred, similarly 'Holy Dog' is the expression for Americans

Leaving aside, the number of people who consider dogs more important member of their family than their own kids and some even as a substitute for a husband(true story), the fact is you can have slaugther hosues(or whatever is the decent term) for cows but not for dogs.

Holy Dog, Indeed.


  1. just the other day I was walking along in Union Square when I noticed a roadside chap walking along with his dog (which had a sweater kinda thing on it) and this guy did not have ny winter clothing on. Manushanuku saapaaduku vazhi ilayaam but they take care of their pets. :P

  2. V.k.n:
    Depraved souls no, if they have to go to a dog for love!