Saturday, December 10, 2011

Watch Indira by Suhasini instead of Easan by whoever it was

After watching 25-30 mins of Easan  I have to say a superbad movie! It would have taken two days to observe the upper class crowd in Madras - how an Industrialist daughter would be. Yet, they couldnt do that in this movie. It has an 80s bad masala movie feel - the portayal of life style of rich, this whole black and white picture - badly directed and badly acted as well - that was the initial part of the story.

But the real gut of the story is  worse.

I dont know how Indian culture got to this point but why the HELL does a girl on whom a crime was commited have to be ashamed - why do we still portray it this way?

If you are robbed or hurt by some random villian - the shame is still on you? what sort of perverted logic is that? but that is what the movies portray again and again for rape victims. What a rape victim would feel is anger - Violation of body would make a feel angry - the villian being killed is ok. But first thing that would happen in Tamil cinema is killing of the victim -  Seriously? because that is the only solution available to the girl.

 Cant the girl take her revenge and lead a normal lie after that ? - why does she have to be killed. IF that sounds unreal hello - our cinema is all unreal.

This is why how Indira dealt with remains my single most favorite scene.


  1. why should every so called real reaction and action be shown on the big screen? yes, whats shown is not real or sane.. but someone choose to show it and there ends it. looking for reality in a masala movie, or any movie for that matter is konjam

  2. Not a fan of Indira(but haven't watched in a long time) but if you had asked me about Easan I would have downright rejected it! Such a bad, contrived, unimaginative film. I hated the cynicism and probably Sasikumar shouldn't come anywhere near city based subjects if he has these kinda ideas.

  3. Looks like we were both watching Vijay TV at the same time.. a really bad movie..

  4. Soin: a bad movie is unexcusable - and the first part is bad.

    And i dont care for real or unreal - i just want tamil cinema to stop showing suicide as the only option for rape victim.

    Adi: I dont recommend the Indira as a whole coz i cant remember it either but that after court scene is superb. It came on vijay tv here and i accidentally ended up watching it. bad movie though on various counts

    Shoba: Yep vijay tv.
    I read vikatan comments for this movie and pretty much every one has praised this movie to skies saying younger generation today has no culture!