Friday, March 27, 2009

RC constant tends to infinity on this one..

You are groggy, you reached office late. You rush down to grab a cup of chai and are about to take the elevator back. The elevator is located right next to the main entrance.You suddenly hear a voice,"Hi, N".

You turn back and find this friend of yours who you know very well. He works in another company(which he made a lot of money out of and that place stands for the word cool). He tells you he came to your workplace for some meeting. He and his group get into the elevator.

All along, you dont utter a word. As the elevator door closes,you overhear your friend's colleague asking him,"You know her?". You skip the elevator and take the stairs even though you were standing in front of the elevator.

None of it for any reason!!!!!

That you is me. i suspect that friend had wished he hadn't known me at all.

S, I wanted to email you this, but I wasn't honestly avoiding you, I just dont know why I did what I did.


  1. We all have our ways, don't we! It's ok.

  2. :) I am sure I exceed all the limits on my own ways.