Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stay at home husband

If you are a guy, would you want to be a stay at home husband*?
If you are a girl, will you be comfortable being the bread(/dosa/idli/thair sadam) winner with a stay at home husband?

* Now, what this SAHH  entitles is pretty much the same as SAHW - if your partner earns a lot then you get help in all departments if they dont then you have to cook, clean and all that.


  1. If I am a girl, will I like a stay at home husband? Yes. But I dont wanna be the idly winner. Can we be a stay at home couple please?

  2. of course. with the whole cycle thing vetoda maplai is a gethu option. play games whole every fucking football match.matter is will the girl feel happy telling vetoda purushan when she intros to her

  3. Soin: See the update, it isnt a vetoda maplai role as much as a marumagal role.

    Saya: i give that marriage a year!

  4. how abt the girl and guy both work for half a day and sit at home for the other half? equality in everything...even in taking care of kids as and when they happen

  5. I don't think I would want to be the only bread winner of the family with a SAHH. Marriage is all about balance and both should understand what the other is going through. Both should work and take various roles around the house.
    OK! Maybe, this question is meant for unmarried folks.. then take it as an advice from a 10 year and still going strong married sistah..

  6. viswajoth.k.n:
    No, the question is for all. There are quite a few times when one person tends be more into career another into home. But my question was based on how comfortable both men and women are with the role reversal - I do see couples like this in US. a small number but yes, I have seen and I am quite comfortable with the idea.

  7. Actually I don't mind. I think it happens all the time. With the state the current economy is, these things are bound to happen.