Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Singers of a different tongue

It is only when I listen to 'Behene do', do I realize what we miss when the north indian singers sing our songs - the pronounciation can come from hard work,( in case of tamil singers singing for hindi comes also from exposure - hindi stares at our faces, doesnt it) but the soul?

Soul is such a cliche word used way too many times that it has lost its meaning. So, let me try to explain further. The general feeling is easy to catch - angst, jealousy, sadness, happy but the nuances? With the most familiar tongue, you learnt the word because you experienced  it and were actually looking for a way to describe it , when the word comes, it must be easy to tap the experience part. There isnt a need to tap, it pours out on its own.


  1. Karthik did perfect justice to Behne De I thought.

    U miss Udit Narayanan singing Akku Vera Aani vera instead of Akka vera Anni vera?
    And the famous Periamma ponnai rasikalam for Priyamana pennai rasikalam? :)

  2. Praveen: My point was exactly that. Udit Narayan has to sing in his tongue - can you imagine ahista ahista from swades sung by SPB? I mean SPB is the best still ..
    Ofcourse, udit singing in tamil is padukolai.

    Karthik brings in a unique quality to the song but behene de still lacked naunces, I felt.