Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Music directors and their cultural services

There is a bit of comfort as I walk into the cafeteria, bit of nostalgia from the music playing whatever the Mexicans in the cafeteria fancy. 

That music should be alien to me.

Except,  except it reminds of Surya/Vijay dancing to Deva's tunes, reminding of the school days. Apparently, inspite of obvious plagarism, these people have also introduced to music across the boundaries, across the oceans even, who knew?

Ps: they play buffalo soldiers that was something back then, they also play some mexican songs which have also been stolen!


  1. remember the song. was inspired from the Pakistani band Junoon. Sayyoni i think

  2. Deva has copied lot of songs, sayyoni was also one but for another movie.

  3. worst part is sayyoni being copied by two different music directors for two different movies - a prashant and a vijay movie

  4. Why blame thenisai thendral alone, when you have isai puyal and mestro too doing it.

    Check this out

    Check out the composer's list on the right side of the page. May ne "youtube" them too and check the originals :)


  5. Cmon, I think you know the difference.

    Deva is the e-adichaan copy student.