Thursday, June 16, 2011

Expecting - so not a maid

There arent lot of times that being single bothers me much unless I am in the mood of  analyzing my goals of life report card. But then during some mundane actibities I cant help thinking "Tum hota to kaisa hota... aisa hota" (hey i a no hindi pandit). like when after cooking when i am washing the dishes  or one of those days when I come back home and wish for a warm cooked meal. 

When I hear of laundry turns between Partners, my heart rejoices with the new found possibility. 

Before you jump in and ask me how different is this from a male who expects a maid in the form of wife  let me stop you right there and  say the times when the said person isnt helping me, I fully expect him go out and make big bucks in the valley. See, I am interested in his career too.


  1. Hmmm I always thought you were married. Donno why.

    Also the title is very misleading!

    My captcha text is brienumb (brain numb)

  2. Gradwolf: "I always thought you were married." Duh!

    brain numb should be my blog title!

  3. yes that was mild mind freeze (brain numb?)

    Numb brain will not lead to catharsis en al.

  4. "laundry turns between Partners"

    What laundry turns between partners? Wake up girl !

  5. LG: what is a girl to look forward to in a marriage then? :)

  6. LG: what is a girl to look forward to in a marriage then? :)

    Someone to yell at during PMS !