Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am thinking..

A comment space is like party space, isnt it? not mine ofcourse, considering several of my posts have gone commentless and suman sometimes saved me from the hattrick. The host's post brings out the best of the party attenders. so the comments are as good as the post. The witty posts get witty comments, the serious heart moving ones get equal thought provoking ones and so on. Some hosts dont attend to their party attenders. quite a few indulge them. some posts leave the commentators in jaw dropping awe that the jaw is no longer available for conversation. The commentator wonders if they can leave a comment without coming across stupid. some brave it. I read comments as much as I read the post. I think every one does that. We are so into the reading flow that we cant stop ourselves from clicking the comment link.


  1. nice thinking, nice writing....i guess I havent been blog hopping recently or i would've found you... :) i will definitely leave a mark whenever i come :)

  2. Thanks, UL.
    Marks would be nice and are always appreciated.:)

  3. Nice analogy and well written post. You have an eye for details and the ability to think outside the box. Keep it up Sachita. I enjoy all your posts. Although there are some that appear on my reader but vanish from your blog :-). I read your posts from reader, and thanks to my habit of procrastination, I keep saving the comments for later. Catching up now.

  4. So, you are one of the Google readers! Thanks, Suman.

    Those posts disappear coz i feel later they arent post worthy.