Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sorry, can't throw my Manlo-blahniks

After three shoe throwing incidents by Journalists* across the world, I suspect this might become a mandatory course offered in Journalism. A Practical course. A semester of practice would ensure the shoe gets thrown only at the Politician and not the fellow Journalists.

But what would an aspiring Journalist who also loves her Manlo-blahniks and Jimmy choos do is the question now!

*(first - by an iraqi journalist on George, , the pioneer who not only satisfied his anger but billion of others and today, by journalist Jurnail singh to Chidambram for the clean chit given to a congress man who was a key suspect in 1984 Sikh riots)


  1. Interestingly, none of the shoes hit the target. I guess the course will improve that percentage too ;)

  2. Hi Amey,
    Thats because the politicians are so good at ducking, it comes naturally to them:)