Friday, April 10, 2009

Go by foot, leave my food alone

May be I am a foodie which is why probably it irritated me so much. But the often seen board in the cafeteria is how our food choices can save energy. I am thinking by eating food raw probably. just hunt down the chickens and eat them, only energy wasted is your energy.

Who comes up with these ideas?Roads are filled with car on 3 lanes and the carpool lane is literally untouched. But my eating tasty food is what is leaving carbon foot print. my foot.

How do these so-called researchers drift so far away from real-life to come up with ideas which are not pragmatic? Somewhere along the line these guys fall so into their research that they forget that it has to have an actual effect towards solving the problem. But their satisfication probably ends with boards, meeting and pamphlets.

This world lacks Pragmatism and perspective.


  1. sachita:

    i watched this show yesterday. might be interesting.

    - s.b.

  2. sb,
    I will watch the video(but if the video also asks me to eat uncooked food then..) at home today meanwhile there was no link last time.:)