Thursday, April 30, 2009

Worky Woes

They are being mean @work. making me work quite hard. If you ask me people shouldnt even ask me to work. People should just pay the money and shut up. Since this is the real world and all, I made to put in all these extra hours. Others are working hard as well. People with a decade of experience more than me, so my effort isnt going to have an impact. Not putting in the effort has a negative impact. Not a great place to be.

I know, I know, I should be thankful that I have a Job with economy in the shape it is.* Yet this is a frustrating situation to be. On the other hand, bad economy or not, job security has always been a myth to me. I can count the number of days when there wasn't some sort of restructuring, layoff or atleast the rumor of layoff going around in my work life.

Good thing is I have my mojo back. I dont know what caused it but I am suddenly focussed. It will be another post if I start writing about my wandering focus. It just disappears sometimes, takes a vacation. As I said, it is another post. Now that it has come back, it has brought in set of worries along with it. Where is the career going? what should I do now? Somebody shut the mojo up.

Couple of years ago, I decided not to participate in rat race and figure what I really want out of the life. Till then, I operated on a default mode. may be time to explore different options. I thought I will figure out the one thing that I was born for. Turns out there wasnt anything.

Rat race seems to be the only option. Just do what others rats do. Abracabradra.


  1. Good to know you got your mojo back. Rat race, like it or hate it, you cannot run away from it. On second thoughts, may be you can but you are better off facing it and dealing with it.

  2. No running away from Rat race but atleast if one suceeds it might be worth it else...!but you are right either way we dont have a choice.