Friday, May 1, 2009

Susan Boyle episode

I had the same reaction as the audience in the clip when I first spotted the video at indiequill. I skipped the video, thinking it is some kind of mockfest. Within 12 hours, the video caught up with me again. I viewed it and was impressed with her just as the rest of the world. Yes, go ahead judge me for judging some one by looks. But...

Tell me this. Can these things really change? That we will always judge/misjudge based on a cover or some other equally irrelevant parameter. That beautiful people would always get more noticed in a room. Isnt something very inherent in our nature? How can we be politically correct in our thoughts? Sure, we can filter them or moral police them later but how do you stop having some kind of illogical preference before we know better so that we can make our decisions better.

Yes, the audience's initial reaction was rude. But if they hadnt booed we would have called them boring, pretentious and not being themselves. The thing is, we did recognize the voice once we heard the song and gave it more than its due. If that wasnt the case then that would be a problem.


  1. A very nice take to it. Thing is we are happy with superficiality if it makes us look good. Like nodding politely even when something goshawful bad.

    Superficiality or blatant brashness is circumstance oriented. Whatever makes us or the observer look "politically nice" is chosen as the appropriate mask for the day :-)

  2. I am ok with the superficiality but I am not ok with our judgements:)