Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Airtel Super singer again

I know you guys must think why the hell do I make a fuss about this show. But listen to the videos when you can. All fabulous singers.

Ajeesh with a unique and mellifluous voice. He was a discovery during the earlier Unplugged round when he sang thoda thoda malaranthu enna. Ravi has been consistently good. Very well versed in carnatic(for a playback singer aspirant). Though one does wish for a little more depth in the voice. If someone had told me earlier that I will be rooting for Ranjani and Ajeesh at the finals, I would have shot them down with one look. But Ranjani has improved and how. She always had a pitch perfect voice but the confidence, the clarity that you see now is amazing. She has experimented and proved across many genres now as well.

But, I doubt if any one of the three are going to win the title. That is most probably Prasanna. He did impress me with his off the stage behavior earlier. Humble, Humbility and humbleness personified.*(in reference to Om puri's dialogue in bollywood calling). So there was some leeway for this not so good singer. But his loud proclamation about this popular support during the wildcard recall round threw me off. That doesnt matter, he is a crowd favorite and this is a reality show which means he is going to win.

During these times, I want to be part of the crowd. It is so much easier if your preferences match with the rest of the crowd. This time mine isnt. That would be the case for anyone who is musically inclined. But as some one said life isnt fair get used to it. (btw now that I am following the mantra, will forbes publish my picture next year? you know, in their billionaire list. Atleast the person who said it is there)

Unnidam mayangiren - Ajeesh (another fabulous performance here)

Then sinthathey - Ravi

Antha sivagami - Ranjani

Engirendu - Renu


  1. Ranjani is from my office and sends mails asking for votes :):)
    thats all i know about this programme.:):):)

  2. oops.. Office spams should be punishable under law!