Thursday, May 28, 2009

A blog a day

People who blog everyday are nice people. To go to a blog knowing you wont be disappointed is nice. So, now be nice.

In relation to the blog word, does anyone know what happened to Asal Tamizh penn's blogspot? Why isnt she updating? it has been more than 6 months, you know. Indiauncut's Amit Varma had even said she should get published.

So many blogs have gone stagnant. Taking a ride on hyperbole, What happens if people simply lose interest in blogging. I haven't read anything else in few years now. Even the news I read is through the links provided by blogs. Sigh. Almost like that exaggerated movie with super-accelarated events about global warming. Then there will be save the blogging day(declared by united nations).


  1. :D Just the way i feel when some of the blogs i haunt are not updated

  2. sachita:

    a few years ago (ok, maybe a few months ago), i was thinking of a centralized blog tag that would get updated maybe every few weeks that everyone on the blogosphere updates - sort of like a "i'm here" update! now, with twitter, maybe they can just send a tweet to announce that they're too busy ...

    many of the folks in my blogroll (last updated a couple of years ago) either no longer blog or no longer have the usp that i considered when i added them to my blogroll (for instance, someone who was in india then and is in the usa now, or vice versa)!

    - s.b.

  3. I hear ya! I still resent the fact that Asal Tamizh Penn does not update her blog. :( BTW I catch all your posts on reader and by the time am at work, forget to click back here and comment.

  4. ork you know! sometimes, like today, i just get caught up in stuff. but i at least try to keep it running to four posts a week at least. Nice to know someone appreciates it. :)

  5. Saya,
    i know this post will reverberate with quite a lot of ppl!
    Everyone's sphere is different. But I can hear you on the blogroll, I suspect my blogroll may be jinxed, so many blogs in that dont get updated any more.
    You are one of the 'nice' people who came to mind when I wrote this. Please continue to be nice:)
    Dudette, are you kidding? I dont find your kind of quality in even major publications. So, you are very much appreciated!

  6. looks like "my idea" is already in use. :-)

    i think we do need to have a more centralized location for it though - don't know how many people read blogpourri. maybe have it on desipundit, sepiamutiny (or even on a high volume twitter - maybe demi moore's ;-)

    oh, and i would do away with the time restriction. like in chess, where some people like chess blitzes, some take two hours per move; why rush folks, especially where blogs are concerned?

    - s.b.

  7. hmm post-a-day...I tried that once, and found that my posts are getting stupider and stupider....better wait till you get what you think to be is a good post and then write it....

    It also depends on what you feel comfortable writing affairs/sport or political opinion kind of blogs are easy to be updated frequently!

    Probably ATP got married (her last few posts were on ponnu paakardu and stuff) and is just too busy now....

    Vaise, you have a nice blog! had fun reading it

  8. Kaushik,
    thanks for dropping by, the ones who do update everyday do a very good job of it.
    I suspect ATP's mother found out about the blog.

  9. that blogpourri idea(providing inspiration to write) is very nice. i would agree with you on the time limit. yeah centralized one would be good, may be the users can customize the blogs for which they want to receive an update off!

  10. I know what you mean. But I have no eligibility to complain, because I am not diligent about updating either.

  11. Suman,
    I honestly wish you will update more regularly, since your frequency of posting has done to once a month now. :(