Friday, May 15, 2009

Congress, BJP come together - Indian poltiical opportunistic front

This has been in the wish list for five years now. Its like one of those star pair you seen on-screen and you suddenly think they should be together. (I do think like that and it has worked out sometime).

Similarly, there was a moment, five years ago, when I got tired of all these marriages between all sorts of Political Parties. As far as I see there are just two combinations that haven't been tried. One, the BJP and left, but left is anathema(annoying pain) to me, so that goes down the dumpster. The other being BJP and Congress. On surface level, there might be some differences. But if you look deeper you will realize they are the same. What constitute a Party, dear readers? Party leaders and Members? Members you know are gained by Sambar rice and Biriyani. Probably by Parathas up north. In reality, nobody has actually seen them. A careful study has revealed that there is no difference between the Sambar rice handed out by congress and BJP. Party members would feel no difference.

Next being Party leaders. They keep changing parties every month anyway. Quite a few of them are actually running out of Parties to move to, honestly. Infact, this should bring them a false satisfication of being in a new Party altogether(in essence though, I cant stress this enough, all the political parties are the same almost following the Hindu philoshpy of Vasudeva Kudumbkam).

So with all these issues solved, BJP and congress should come together. Finally, we might even have a government which might have more than the absolute majority support for them. Please note that beyond that single point, this merger isnt offering any change. The left will continue to crow from outside. Manmohan Singh might even continue as the Prime Minister except that remote PM will just not be Sonia but the whole bunch of BJP and Congress MPs together.(there lies a true democracy).

Oh, you know what will be biggest advantage of such a merger? The whole slew of regional trouble-makers called Laloo Prasad Yadav, Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi will finally shut up and become mere spectators. REally readers, can there be a greater joy?

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  1. Very interesting thought process esp. that of BJP and Congress coming together...though I am not into politics, I can see where you are going with it... Shashi Tharoor won for Trivandrum, I am curious to see where he takes us...

  2. UL,
    I wasnt serious at all. Just wanted to mock the political scenario.Yeah Shashi won with a huge margin joining group of the few good looking politicians. I was shocked at this transformation from full western formal wear to vesthi(mundu in malayalam?).