Thursday, May 21, 2009

Substituing sticks for legs

People weren't always like that. In all these years of their presence on earth, majority of them had arms and legs with flesh on them. I am sure there might have been an anomaly of one or two with arms and legs which were stick-thin. But that is nature in all its glory.

Something happened in the last century. Designers or tailors started designing clothes on paper. They started drawing the humans whose dresses they were designing, in the form of the straight lines. Sticks for legs, arms why even the stomach. They probably drew inspiration from the biology lab skeleton.

Now having designed the dress for a Skeleton, the clothes seemed to look their best only on the skeletons. Woman who looked like skeletons were chosen as models to maintain the beauty of the design. The general public which were enamored by the designs wanted to wear them. But alas they weren't skeleton like. So now people are slowly turning into skeleton. The dresses are pretty strangely the people themselves aren't. But the dress and skeleton combo rocks which is what is important.

Now if only the designers knew how to draw curves!


  1. And then these stick figures started spreading this disease..
    the designers emboldened by the success of the dresses on the stick figures refused to experiment..
    and if one wanted the dress, one had to be a stick figure..


  2. from what i see, the photo tells me you dont give a lot of room to complain about.
    Ps: indian clothes are better in this dept, right?

  3. That photo is the ONLY one in which i look thin:D

  4. well you know the theory right? it's jackie O vs. marilyn monroe. And once marilyn died, Jacki O "won" the fashion battle and with Audrey Hepburn already proving fashionspiration, our fates were sealed :(

  5. Curves would be long as it is not too thin/ nor too fat...that would be healthy curves :)

  6. Amrita,
    no, didnt know that and now that I know I mourn for Marilyn monroe's death.
    Yeah, Healthy makes sense.