Wednesday, April 8, 2009

coz i needed to laugh...

I was almost ready to post a tag here. The tag is about googling the blogger's name followed by needs. eg. Sachita needs. But I had typed my real name so decided against posting it.

A politican and an actress have the same name as me(three names fit the description right away) so you would think there would be more hits but found only three. One was that I need help by some God man and that was the only decent one. The other two were about thrashing and seeing a psychiatrist. lol:)

By now you should know one of the primary purpose of tag is to write about themselves, the other being to let our nosy noses to get more information about others. So out with it now:)


  1. Interesting.... hmmmm, now I really need to know your real name :-)

  2. jayalalitha?
    maya malini?
    mamata shree?
    sonia kaif?
    i'm dying!!

  3. Suman,
    I dont have any problems in letting you know my real name just that cant do it on blogger.
    so now do that tag.

    en thappu, wrote it incorrectly they have the same name as me.
    but the list is hilarious:) Maya malini would be good.

  4. Hahaha...I was grinning on reading mami's guesses to ur real name. Ithai oru puthir potti maathiri vechikalame.

  5. Mitr,

    Entha whole pseudo-name la blog panna vanthathey onnala than.

    Yes, Maami's suggestions were hilarious I am even thinking of changing mine to maya malini.