Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Taare Zameen par - do we really have a choice?

Aamir khan's first film as a director, "Taare Zameen par" releases this Friday.
Supposedly about how each child is differently-abled and the need to nurture them along those lines. A philosophy thought to be the unattainable panacea during my school years.

Is this philosophy really feasible in real life life? I have met students in U.S ( one of the richer countries) who were minoring in Philosophy and music along with their major in Engineering though they wished the other way around. Isn't it just basic economic principle of demand and supply? If you desire green bucks, you ought to do what it demands. Hopefully, you get to follow your pursuit on the minor scale lifelong. If you are lucky, what you desire to supply as a skill set might even match the demand of the market.

I am sure you must have heard the snip below. Before an American parent used to say to their kids, " Eat your food, kids in china don't even get food" and now, it goes "Do your homework, kids in china want your job". That is life, for those of us world over who have to earn their living!

It is hard not to talk about the title. On the first hearing of the title, taare(children-stars)
zameen par(on earth).
Then the song's lyrics, " Khone jaaye ye taare zameen par" - lest these stars get lost .....
Beautiful, don't you think?

Film sounds very DVD-ish watch for me, a relatively stronger Aamir Khan fan. It is hard not to wish sucess for somebody who is either part of/ makes films to your liking.

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  1. Lol-ed at Do your homework, kids in China want ur job.